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I don’t have a whole lot of time these days, but when I have some free, oh you better believe I am using it.  The girlfriend and I parked at my local watering hole, and we both began to get to work.  A few hours later we were done and my God, what do we do now?

We decided to go to a food truck rally at a church across from Rice University, and one of my favorite trucks was there (well, to be honest, it is the only one I have tried before).

As a matter of full disclosure:I know one of the owners and an employee of said truck, so bear in mind I am a bit biased, but I speak the truth.

I am recently exploring the new trend of gourmet food trucks in the Houston area, and the one I have frequented most (read twice) is the Stick It truck.  The concept is so simple, food on a stick and not much else.  I was there at Nick’s Place the night of their grand opening, but I did not partake in their fare, since the whole food truck thing was weird to me, and I was not quite on board yet.  Then one day I decided to have a foodie day and decided to think outside of the box.

I went to a start up brewery, a local market, and then I thought “Hey, I have never been to any food trucks.”  As I pondered my dilemma I consulted Twitter, since that is where most people these days go for inspiration.  Then I saw that the Stick It truck was at Boneyard Drinkery on Washington Ave.  So I figured, what the hell.  At this point the girlfriend had met up with me and wanted to partake in the food as well.

Then it happened.  I found what food on a stick should be.  We ordered the beef tenderloin with green beans and Israeli couscous.  It was amazing.  The couscous was tender with a pleasant tartness to it and the green beans were just al-dente and had a nice crisp bite to them.  The best part however was the meat.  It tasted like  MEAT.  It was succulent and tender, with just the right amount of seasoning.  Then we tried the sweet portion of the meal.

I cannot even begin to describe the funnel cake battered brie cheese.  I don’t care what kind of brie it was, where it came from, how it was aged, or what monk in the south of France blessed it.  It was just plain good.  It has a sweet and salty marriage that I can’t even begin to describe and do it justice.  I will, however, give a criticism here.  The berry compote that was served along side was a bit thick and lumpy and somewhat unnecessary, but good on its own.  I would have liked a thinner dipping sauce rather than a type of chutney.

Now, I am primarily writing this piece since I have been more than once, and I have a nice cross section to base my opinion on.  On my latest visit to Stick It, I ordered the teriyaki chicken with bacon fried rice and cucumber salad.  This choice did not disappoint.  I started with the teriyaki.  I found it marinated well and not covered with a cloyingly sweet sauce that can sometimes overpower the dish.  Now, let’s talk about the side dishes.  Bacon fried rice, really, how can this go wrong?  The rice was tender but not dry, and I could even appreciate the egg in it, even though I hate eggs as a general rule.  I loved the cucumber salad, though I would rather call them marinated cucumbers, and not a real salad.  More cucumbers would have been preferable, but the portion I received satisfied me.

I am intrigued with this food truck trend.  Will it stick (pun intended)? I hope so.  Will it be a fad and fade away? I hope not. But, for now, let’s enjoy the delicious, fresh-made food that these trucks are producing, since we don’t know how much time we have with them.

Happy Fooding!

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Sergio Garcia is a self-taught food guy who has educated people on food and cooking for the better part of a decade. He currently is tending bar while finishing his education, but he is always looking for new food ideas or creative takes on old classics. Happy fooding.
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